Love Those Mavs

Love Those Mavs Tour is the ultimate road trip for every fan!

Just a whole lot of fun and this ultimate Mavs Fan adventure comes complete with flying out on a private jet, fantastic food with the gang, and great seats.

Stay tuned for next season’s Love Those Mavs Tour schedule and your chance to come and cheer on our Dallas Mavericks as they storm the court for another championship!

Mark and Lynda Thompson

Two of the biggest Mavs fans around and the ‘unofficial’ Fun and Games Directors of the Mavs Nation! This whole crazy traveling road show started back before the beginning of the 2010 season, the year of Mark and Lynda’s 30th Wedding anniversary.

They were just sitting around one day trying to decide what to do to celebrate the occasion and the idea of traveling to all 30 cities and arenas in the NBA went from being just a wild thought….to a dare….and Boom, a plan!

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``We take ordinary fans and turn them into Super Fans before the night is over!``

− Mark Thompson

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