The Crew

We’re Ready

Are You?

Think the Mavericks are the only entertainment on this trip? Think again. This band of Mavs Fans For Life will keep you entertained from check in to final wheels down. Guaranteed!

Director of Fun & Stuff

Kyle Tapply

popcornWe met Kyle on an Oklahoma City road trip back during the 2010-11 Championship season (on Don Knobler’s motor coach actually) and instantly fell in love with this guy. In fact, he refers to Lynda Thompson as his second Mom.
Kyle is a Director of Sponsorship for the Mavericks and introduced us at Smith Thompson Home Security to the concept of becoming the ‘Official Home Security Company of the Dallas Mavericks’.
Kyle’s hobbies are golf, golf, and more golf.
It’s totally unfair…but Kyle somehow convinced one of the most beautiful gals in Texas to marry him. Lori is a sweetheart and patiently puts up with the fact that he gets to travel in a private jet to road games.
Tough life!

The ManiAAC

Big Rob

tinySo who’s the most loved ‘Big Guy’ in the Mavs Nation? Well, you might think Dirk and you’re close…but it’s our own Mavs ManiAAC Big Rob Maiden! This loveable Gentle Giant has been doing his thing entertaining his heart out for the last 15 years as The Loveable Captain of the Mavs ManiAACs, never disappointing and get this…he has never missed a home game the entire time! The ManiAACs are a fixture at the AAC and legendary in the NBA. Rob and his adorable (and patient!) wife LaDonna and their three wonderful children, Daketha, Rob Jr and Trey are some of the sweetest folks you will ever meet!
The guy is a nonstop machine but you will never hear him complain one bit, he loves his Blue Team and the fans…dearly.

Crown Prince of Cool

Don Knobler

bishop-thmThe High Priest of Fashion! Lovingly known to our gang as ‘The Bishop’ or Brother Don, since he is always preaching the gospel of Love and laughter everywhere he goes!
When you meet him, he always makes you feel like you’re the most important person on earth. No doubt you seen this colorful Super Fan courtside and he loves his Mavs as much as anyone in Dallas.
That thousand watt smile and his signature hot pink clappers can be seen all the way from the rafters of the AAC and he seriously has a heart as big as some of the many hats in his collection, since he would give you the shirt off his back…..and of course, that would probably be a custom made Versace shirt!
This fun loving character and his sweet wife Damaris live in Dallas…where his closet is bigger than most of our houses.
Heaven broke the mold when they created Don.

Social Engineer

Steve ‘Pablo’ Chavera

cyber-thmOr Stevie Wonder, as Mark calls him, is that guy you always see with a video camera shadowing the players on the court.
Steve is the Interactive / Social Media Manager for the Mavs and probably one of the hardest working individuals on our traveling road show. He’s the guy on the jet that sits there working nonstop on a laptop while Danny, Don, and the rest of us are telling jokes! The guy is a machine and we love him. And if you want to get a huge grin out of him, just ask him about his adorable little daughter, he’ll beam the rest of the night!
Steve is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet in the Mavs Nation.


Danny B

click-thmWe can’t prove it but we just know that Danny was probably voted Class Clown in high school back in his home town in Iowa. In fact, if you look at some of his school pictures, you will see that same ‘Cat ate the canary, Yes I did it’ grin.
Believe us, when you meet DB, you will not forget the encounter! It’s uncanny but you can walk into most any restaurant in DFW and he probably knows half the people there, the guy has more friends and fans than most of the Mavs players combined!
Danny is in his 16th season as the Manager of Publishing for the Mavericks and is also long-time pal of Cuban (he knows where the bodies are buried).
Refusing to ever take himself seriously, he routinely keeps us all in stitches on all of our road trips and we really love and appreciate Danny (and his camera) for all of the hard work and the thousands of pictures. Again, another one of a kind indeed.