Mark & Lynda Thompson

Two of the biggest Mavs fans around and the ‘unofficial’ Fun and Games Directors of the Mavs Nation!

This whole crazy traveling road show started back before the beginning of the 2010 season, the year of Mark and Lynda’s 30th Wedding anniversary. They were just sitting around one day trying to decide what to do to celebrate the occasion and the idea of traveling to all 30 cities and arenas in the NBA went from being just a wild thought….to a dare….and Boom, a plan!

They visited all 30 arenas and watched the Mavs do their thing on what become a dream year. They made one more trip to Miami and got to see their Mavs win the 2011 NBA Championship!

The next year, Mark and Lynda, owners of Smith Thompson Home Security, became sponsors of the Dallas Mavericks and decided to share their passion for road trips with the fans so the Love Those Mavs Tour was born!

“We load up a big beautiful Gulfstream G-V and blast out of here on game day usually around 1:30 to 2 PM, grab dinner, and then off to the game, returning late the same night.” said Mark.

The airplane is full of characters such as Danny Bollinger, Big Rob Maiden of the Maaniacs, and the always colorful Don Knobler.