Dallas Mavericks vs. Chicago Bulls Dec. 2, 2014

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Best Trip Ever? Maybe!

If we were asked, “What was the best ever Love Those Mavs trip?” this might very well be it! Our traveling road show was wheels up from Addison Airport at about 1:30 in the afternoon in order to get a little head start since we had a bit longer flight to Chi Town. The flight was as smooth as glass and we landed at Midway Airport in typical December cold and windy Chicago conditions.

Our delightful bus driver Gwendolyn took the scenic route treating us all to a guided tour of Downtown Chicago, Soldier Field (where the Cowboys were scheduled to play just 48 hours later), and some fantastic Christmas light displays all over Chicago.

We then headed over to Mia Fransesca’s in the Little Italy part of town for some delicious home style Italian food and it was incredible. We looked like a bunch of out of town gangsters in old Chicago plotting our next move sitting at the big long table! It was simply awesome, the food, the atmosphere and fellowship, just over the top.

Our wonderful guests this trip were Anna Bowman and her boyfriend Randall White, Jordan and Jaymi Holland, as well as Jackie Elasmar and her daughter Aline who just flew in from Los Angeles just to make the trip with us. Aline was understandably super tired, and we broke the news to her as gently as we could, that this would not be a trip to catch up on sleep or rest, lol. Needless to say, all the LTM trips are full of laughs, corny jokes, and rowdy passengers…but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Everybody arrived at the United Center in plenty of time with the snow was just beginning to lightly fall. The game was ELECTRIC and simply a Slugfest between the Mavs and the Bulls! Overtime and then Double Overtime…and then as the Chicago mobsters used to say, “Badda bing badda boom”, Mavs win, Mavs win! 132-129 was the final, and we were exhausted, happy but exhausted.

You would have thought we were a bunch of grinning teenagers with Daddy’s credit card leaving that arena headed back to the airport, smiling like we just stole something!

And no one got more than five minutes of shut eye on the late flight home, we were simply wound up too much, finally landing about 1:30 in the morning, a bunch of happy MFFL’S!