Dallas Mavericks vs. Memphis Grizzlies Feb. 6, 2016

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Blues City…with the wives!

Our annual Memphis road trip was very special this year! Your loveable, rowdy, and maybe slightly obnoxious Love Those Mavs road gang were honored to host some of our ‘First Ladies’ of our Mavs.

And what a trip it was!

On board our shiny new Bombardier Global Express were the lovely and always stunning Jessica Nowitzki, Tika Pachulia, Amy Williams, as well as a few of our coaches better halves Cristi Bitz (Kaleb Canales), and Kristina Mosely (Jamahl Mosely), all just a hoot to hang out with, plus some of the nicest, classiest ladies you’ve ever met.

Also we were lucky to have our favorite Fox Sports gal along for the fun, the loveable and fun Kaime Stroot, for some impromptu out takes and spontaneous interviews. A few of the MFFL’s along for the fun were Tinicola and Sandra Reed, and La Cee and Clint Wheat, now honorary members of this wacky traveling road show!

Dinner was off the charts, ‘Flight’ was the name of the very cool restaurant and Brother Don, Big Rob, and Danny B kept everybody entertained down in the wine cellar.

Definitely going back there!

And the game…..What a game!

Just your typical nail biting Mavs game complete with an overtime win….doesn’t get much better than that!