Dallas Mavericks vs. Denver Nuggets Jan. 14, 2015

Round Trip Miles
Cheering Mavs Fans
Mavs Points
Fun Had

Jetting up to Mile High City!

Trip number 5 of this year’s tour was to snowy Denver to face the Nuggets and it was cold!

We hosted some really neat Mavs fans, Bobby and Mandy Josey along with Pete Miller and his son Cade, all huge fans of Team Blue. In fact, Bobby and Mandy were married at the AAC and named their son Dirk, even sharing the exact same birthday as our favorite Big German as well!

We got to get those two together. Seven year old Cade Miller is one huge Mavs fan and was one of most mature young men we have ever had onboard, he along with his Dad had some fantastic Father / Son bonding time while making some incredible memories.

The LTM Gulfstream landed right on time and we all headed to one of our favorites, The Oceanaire, for some crab cakes, lobster, and steaks.

This gang loves to eat about as much as we love our team! As always, lots of great food and laughs, a table full of Mavs Road Blue jerseys, and just a ton of fun before the game.

Off to the game!

On a night where at least three of our star starters were rested, the game ended with only a three point spread at the buzzer and one exciting game.

Marlene, our delightful flight attendant (and big Mavs fan too!) took the sting out of the loss with chocolate cupcakes on the flight home.

Now that was nice!