Dallas Mavericks vs. Indiana Pacers Dec. 16, 2015

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Evidently, it’s true what they say about the upper Midwest, they really are some of the friendliest people in the country!

Indianapolis truly is one of the nicest arenas we visit every year with The Bankers Life Fieldhouse and all of the basketball history displayed everywhere. You really feel like you are in Hoops Mecca! It was so cool, as soon as we walked into the main arena lobby and got everybody together in the crowd for a group photo, guess who walked up…..The Custodian!, Brian Cardinal!

Brian saw this group of Mavs fans in the crowd and came over and spent some time with all of us and posed for pictures with everybody. Brian and his family now live in the Indy area and was there to help cheer on his old team. Always one of our favorite Champion Mavs and just great to get to see him.

Everybody headed up to one of the coolest spots in the arena, The Varsity Club, for a fabulous buffet dinner. And then, as if seeing Brian weren’t enough, Jim Morris, the Pacers Vice Chairman, along with Herb Simon, the Pacers Owner, dropped by our table and said, “We gotta meet this group from Dallas we heard about!”

A couple of fine Indiana gentlemen they were and made us feel so right at home. Like I said, definitely one of the friendliest cities ever.

Our guests to Indy were Brandon and Lindsey Colston, Kasey Tackett, Austin Leach, Paul Hudgin, Terry James, James and Michelle McKissick, and GC and Faroah Goodspeed, all just fantastic Mavs fans.

And guess who else was there?…….Larry Byrd, in his usual seat.

Great night!