Dallas Mavericks vs. New Orleans Pelicans Nov. 1, 2014

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‘Nawlins Bound

The Love Those Mavs traveling road gang kicked off the 2014-15 NBA season with our first road trip of the season November 1 to New Orleans. And yes sir…..We got a Win!

Usually when we journey to ‘Nawlins, the weather is a bit muggy and warm, but this trip was a tad chilly and actually kind of nice, you know Hoops weather.

Mark, Lynda, Danny, Don, Steve, Kyle, and Big Rob, affectionately known as the Magnificent 7, blasted off from Dallas that afternoon and since the game was an early start, we snacked on shrimp and more shrimp on the shiny G-V and went straight to the New Orleans arena to watch shoot around.

Our lucky guests who we fully intended to spoil rotten, were Debbie Smoot and her 12 year old son Jacob (who showed up in probably the coolest Mavs Fan wear ever, a Blue Morph suit with ‘Mini Mavs Maniaac’ embroidered on. Over the top and the hit of the night!) Also we got to hang out with Mike and Teresa McKeever, long time MFFL’s who were celebrating their 35th Wedding Anniversary, how cool is that.

Great folks they were, all huge fans who showed us a thing or two about making noise in that arena! Big Rob showed em the moves and they learned quick. After the win, of course you can’t go to NOLA without taking a stroll through the French Quarter, and a wonderful dinner at The Red Fish Grill on Bourbon Street. Shrimp, Oysters, Gumbo, Alligator Fritters, and more shrimp were devoured and dang, it was good!

A great night with some wonderful new friends all bonded over a common love of our Team Blue. Fun, fun, fun!