Dallas Mavericks vs. San Antonio Spurs Mar. 27, 2015

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Behind Enemy Lines…Spurs Country

The Love Those Mavs traveling road gang loaded up the bird to head in to enemy territory Friday night….San Antonio!

This night was a special treat since we were invited to sit in Levy Restaurants own very special suite at the AT&T Center and wow, did they ever roll out the food! We had never seen or tasted food that good in any of the NBA arenas around the country. Levy is the exclusive food and beverage vendor of most all of the stadiums and arenas around the league and we very much appreciate what they did for us!

Our special fan guests this trip were Bill and Donna Keaton of Frisco, Jo Ann Parkman, as well as fellow super fan from Germany, Michael Lebson. Bill, Donna, Jo Ann, and Michael are all huge Mavs and NBA fans and were simply a blast to hang out with traveling on this special Friday night.

It’s always fun meeting new folks and making friends with other MFFL’s who share the same love and passion.

Even though we jokingly refer to San Antonio as enemy territory, it’s truly a neat place and the fans there certainly love their team too.

A fun night it was!