Dallas Mavericks vs. Oklahoma City Thunder Feb. 19, 2015

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Honored to have a special Mavs fan!

Flying into Thunder Country is always one of our favorite stops. It seems like every time we visit OKC, we’re flying into or out of stormy weather, but the weather this trip was simply perfect.

We were honored to have a very special guest and his family on board the plane this trip.

Riley Sprowl is a Van Alstyne High School senior who was injured and paralyzed in a freak sledding accident over a year ago and is now in a wheelchair.

Riley’s story caught our attention due to his incredible overcoming attitude and he just happens to be a huge Mavs fan as well! So the challenge was to get him, along with his parents Jason and Karla to the airport, fly to OKC, and then have another wheelchair and suitable van meet us at the airport. Thanks to Todd Thompson and friend Eddie, who drove the van to Oklahoma City (and back home!) to meet us at the airplane, the plan worked!

And the coolest thing happened when we landed! Mark Cuban’s jet landed literally a minute after us taxiing up right next to us on the ramp, jumping out of his plane and coming over to greet our group. Fantastic timing!

Ted Madden from WFAA Sports was along for the night to film some footage on the Sprowl family and was able to get some great interviews for a story. Riley, along with our other guests David Miller and his delightful fiancé Lyanne Galvez had a fantastic dinner at KD’s Southern Cuisine in Bricktown where everybody got to hear our usual exaggerated stories and corny jokes from Danny, Brother Don, Big Rob, Kyle, and the rest of the gang.

Tip off was at 7 PM and even though our Mavs got off to a slow start, they tightened it up in the fourth quarter but still came up a bit short. And to be honest, as time goes by, we usually forget who won and even the scores. But we do remember some wonderful new friends and a lot of great times!

And after meeting a brave young man named Riley Sprowl, everybody on the trip walked away a little more humble ……and thankful.